Top 30 Brands Of Men's Wear

A man’s clothes images his social status, power and taste of fashion. It’s really important to be well-dressed especially for a man who wants to attract a woman he likes. In the 1930s there were full-cut trousers, double-breasted suits and tuxedos with tails. In the 1940s war changed everything, use of wool was restricted. In the 1950s, conservatism and conformity dominated the men’s fashion but in the 1960s the revolution arrived; flower shirts were everywhere. In the 2000s, finally came the era of sartorial individuality, now men wears brave colors and define their own style. Brands of men’s wear presents products according to today’s men’s expectations.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Founder: Ralph Lauren, 1967

Top 5 - Top 30 Brands Of Men's Wear

# On Screen Ranky Point
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren 12
Brooks Brothers
Brooks Brothers 10
Armani 10
Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin 10
Gieves - Hawkes
Gieves - Hawkes 10

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