Top 20 Handsome Football Players

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and personalities or looks of famous football players attracts the audience. Football is especially popular among children and youngsters and how a football player look is important for these masses because of their age. Football or Soccer, whatever you can call, is a highly visual sport activity. Fans, love watching the sport as a game but they also get excited by the handsome players. Here we bring to you a list of Top 20 Handsome Football Players that you can find hottest football superstars.

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres

Spanish footballer. Born 20 March 1984. Plays for Chelsea.

Top 5 - Top 20 Handsome Football Players

# On Screen Ranky Point
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres 38
Ricardo Kaka
Ricardo Kaka 28
Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique 27
Mario Gotze
Mario Gotze 27
Claudio Marchisio
Claudio Marchisio 27

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