The Hottest Women In Movies

This content includes the hottest female characters in the movies thorughout the history from Jessica Alba to Mila Kunis, from Sharon Stone to Charlize Theron, from Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn and Cameron Diaz. They are sometimes in the starring role and sometimes in co-starring. Do you know the sexiest movie characters? This list depends on appearance of the actresses in the movies. A hottest actress grab the atetntion of the audience by its gestures and mimics, appearance and the ability of handling the role she plays.They may be wise, vindictive, hazardous, powerful in movies. They are both attractive in the movies and sexiest ones as well. From past to present, here are the hottest and famous women of the movie history. Look at these girls in the movies. They are exactly what sexy means. Choose your sexiest film actresses.

Catherine Tramell

Catherine Tramell

Played by: Sharon Stone

Top 5 - The Hottest Women In Movies

# On Screen Ranky Point
Catherine Tramell
Catherine Tramell 336
Giacinta Johnson
Giacinta Johnson 283
Tina Carlyle
Tina Carlyle 237
Lisa 207
Santanico Pandemonium
Santanico Pandemonium 184

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