Most Popular Brands Of Sneakers

First sneaker was produced in 1917 by Keds brand. Famous advertiser of the era, Henry Nelson McKinney named these plastic sole shoes “sneaker” because they are silent. We can say sneakers gained their popularity with Converse All Star that was used by basketball player Chuck Taylor in 1923 first. Today, brands like Puma, Nike and Adidas dominate the market. Adolf Dassler’s Adidas was 1920’s rising brand with Converse and it’s still very popular. Actor James Dean was the most important celebrity who introduces Adidas by wearing it on his films. Let’s take a look at most popular brands of sneakers in our list.

Top 5 - Most Popular Brands Of Sneakers

# On Screen Ranky Point
Nike 13
Adidas 10
Converse 10
Reebok 10
Jordan 10

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