There are almost no dating application left to sign up. If nothing happens for a few moments, they get the feeling that notifications are broken down and it had better to check the application in every minute.


When there is nobody around, they can try tens of hair model without being too lazy to strive.


They often take naked selfies in bath and look for the answer of “Do I still look sexy?”


With the hope “If I can meet someone …”, they get in front of the mirror at least 5 times in a day and check whethet they put weight on and they are still fit or not


They take the revenge of lack of self-confidence caused by being unable to keep pace with the changing time before a mirror from themselves in regular intervals.


When it becomes disturbing, they part company with their inner voice and they search consolation in noisy monologs.


They love to dream of people they like being affected so bad while dancing before the mirror.


Stalking ex-lovers is an ancestor sport.


Before going outside, they check the odor of dresses at least one time they decide to wear on, and check the underwear heaps of times.


Because they are not careful anymore of what they eat or drink, most of them turn into a legged time bomb in a very short time.


If there is nothing better to do, daydreaming with nose-picking and wasting time is one of the best things, like a drug.


It is frequent to hear this cliché answer “This is my only pleasure” when they are said “Give up smoking”


After editing their profile pictures, they are pissed of “ Let’s see how many people will like it” and make their life miserable. See also “nolikephobia”


They get into the habit of pissing with an open door, saying that “There is nobody at home already”

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