City was built in 3rd century but these mudbrick skyscrapers have been built after a flood in 16th century.


This mosque which is one of the rare survivor buildings after calamity that city had was built in the year of 904.


City is taken into UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 1992.


People still live in these houses which were built before centuries.


Local people keep building new houses, abiding by this old technique.


Bottom floors without windows are generally used as storeroom. Second floor has the main room and men use there to socialize. Third and fouth floors are used by women. Rooms in the top floors are used by whole family members commonly.


Greek geographer Batlamyus states that south of Arabian Peninsula, Yemen, is the place of Adramitai nation in 150-160 B.C. Hadrami’s capital Shibam is on the west side of Hadhramaut Valley.


Windows are located to take the sunlight both in sunrise and in sunset. Thanks to this system, inside of the building is being protected from broiling hot of the morning and cold of the night. Top floors are ventilated with bigger windoes than bottom floors, and bottom floors which has lesser window aperture are ventilated by stairwell and canals which are made in the walls.


Shibam is consisted of nearly 500 5-11 storey skyscrapers on about half square kilometer area.


Population is about 7000.


Building which are made with mud plaster on wooden frame rises on stone foundations. Palmate leaf is added into the mud of the houses which rise around a mainmast. But the important thing is the protective plaster which is applied outside of the house. Various rock dusts and dead lime which are added into this plaster protect the house from rain and wind.


These houses which are nationalized during the socialist regime in South Yemen are given back to real owners after two Yemens unite.

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